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We do

Our Work

From the outline proposal to the detailed design, along with the works supervision and the whole construction site management, we take care to manage every project in all its phases.
We follow the concept, the development and the execution of the works, coordinating the architectural, structural, plant, energy and acoustic engineering according both to BIM methodology and a multidisciplinary — as well as innovative – approach.



We can make any shape feasible and useful. Nothing is impossible. Softwares and human thinking, together, make any geometry buildable.



We improve existing structures, giving them a new life. We study the structural behaviour of old and ancient buildings, in order to understand them and make them safe, again. Without losing their soul.



We use any material (glass, wood, aluminium, steel concrete, masonry) at its best, following the needs of the building and the site.
Any part of the structure can be desinged, and built, with the best material you can imagine (or not!).
Look at our projects, you will find a palce for any materal (with unexpected uses and shapes).



We work together with Architects, Clients and Contractors, in order to help them – into the structural design – to find the best and bold solution.
From sacre spaces and buildings, up to the skyscapers, every time we find the best balance from the elements: form, aestetichs, sustainability, durability and cost.