SIO was created in 2003 by Erica Lombardo and Francesco Iorio and, with a vision that every project should be a balance between advanced technology and sustainability, the result of a team of experts driven by the same vision.

Specialized in the blending of technology and aesthetic the Studio has made a name for itself for national and international projects which show their commitment in transforming every structural challenge into a functional work of art.

As the SIO team is made up of qualified engineers, architects and professionals it allows them to face and resolve complex challenges which are different each time.

The different abilities and perspectives of the team united to the passion and engineering ability translates into a complete approach that increases the feasibility of the projects.

Latest projects


SIO handles the needs of its clients with a mix of dynamic skill and a lean approach. The approach of direct communication and optimized processes ensure rapid solutions and optimized costs always suited to the client needs.

Made to measure solutions suitable for every different context which are applied in different areas of the intervention.

Technical Review

Sio offers detailed planning consultation with in depth technical evaluating which backed by the activity of cost engineering, assures the buildability optimizing the processes and the resources.

Integrated planning

In planning big projects, Sio unites architecture, engineering and sustainability in an olistic approach to complete projects, offering solutions key in hand with a vision of 360 degrees.

Structural planning

SIO’s high level of competence in structural planning enables them to overcome building challenges creating safe, efficient buildings of architectural importance.

Research and Development

Advanced research is the starting point for practical solutions, refined by simulation of the product in order to perfect every project in the minimum detail.


SIO’s portfolio highlights the variety of spheres of planning and realization of complex building ranging from residential to offices and commercial buildings, sports arena and artistic installations.


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